Dartmouth to Kingswear Passenger Ferry

IMPORTANT NOTE : Train and ferry/cruise passengers must wear a face covering on their journey to help reduce the risk of transmission when social distancing is not always possible. Face coverings include but are not restricted to, surgical face masks. These face coverings should cover the mouth and nose while allowing the wearer to breathe comfortably and can be as simple as a scarf or bandana that ties behind the head to give a snug fit.

From Monday 6th July 2020 until further notice:

Monday to Saturday 0730-1850

  • First departure Dartmouth 0730
  • First departure Kingswear 0740
  • Last departure Dartmouth 1845
  • Last departure Kingswear 1850

Sunday 0900-1850

  • First departure Dartmouth 0900
  • First departure Kingswear 0910
  • Last departure Dartmouth 1845
  • Last departure Kingswear 1850

This passenger ferry will be kept in service as it is an essential means of transport. It will, however, close upon any government instruction. Please bear in mind, we have a limited number of skippers and due to any self-isolation this service may be suspended at short or no notice.