Tunnel Works

9th December 2021

We carried out some work in the Greenway tunnel this week. We changed out 400 clips for new 401a clips with a corrosion protective coating (due to the wet environment of the tunnel). We also changed some rail pads and packed the track to ensure a good ride for our passengers - especially with the Train of Lights currently in operation! Lastly, we profiled the some of the rails with a grinder to ensure they continue to be safe to run on.

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  • Lovely trip - The steam railway train is brilliant, the iconic click-clacking of the train was enjoyable to listen to and and the train ride had stunning views. The short ferry was also lovely (only about a minute or two).
  • Absolutely fabulous experience - The whole day was fabulous with great weather and steam trains. The line is one of the most scenic you will ever experience and is a must visit if in the area. I will definitely be back again :-)
  • Agatha Christie country - The ride on the train is beautiful right along the coast & Dart valley. You can also take your well behaved dog. I would highly recommend this excursion, we go every time that we are in Devon, it is not to be missed.

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