Customers with disabilities are welcome on our steam trains, boats and buses.


E-Scooters are banned on all Dart Valley Railway services and stations. Unlike other personal mobility devices such as e-bikes or mobility scooters, e-Scooters are not regulated and are not required to meet minimum safety standards for vehicles. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Steam Railway

Both Paignton and Kingswear stations have level access to the platforms.

Ramps are provided for wheelchair access onto the Guards van and the designated wheelchair area for each train in service.  Dependant on wheelchair size up to 4 wheelchairs can normally be accommodated.

Additional wheelchairs are permitted at the discretion of the Guard in the Guard’s Van.  Customers should be accompanied by a helper, as train staff are not permitted to assist unaided customers.  The limits are as follows:  Maximum width 600mm, length 1000mm.  Maximum weight of person and wheelchair/mobility scooter 300Kg, turning radius of no more than 1200mm.

Disabled toilet facilities are available at Paignton and Kingswear stations only.  Unfortunately, train toilets are unsuitable for disabled use.

River Boats

For safe access a small degree of mobility is needed by everyone.

Due to the jetty and vessel design, people who use wheelchairs must be able to walk, (assisted if necessary), for a few steps for access at boarding gates since crews are not permitted to lift occupied wheel chairs.  At Totnes and Torquay up to 13 and 15 steps respectively may need to be negotiated at low water (worst case).

Each disabled person should be accompanied by a person who is able to help if there is an emergency on board.

We regret that motorised wheelchairs and scooters are not normally permitted on board due to their weight and bulk which may obstruct the safe movement of passengers.  The exception are the Kingswear-Dartmouth ferries which have suitable ramps.

To board the ferry between Kingswear and Dartmouth, intending passengers must be aware that at certain states of the tide (very low spring tides), there is a significant angle to the pontoons on both sides of the river.  To cater for such circumstances, we have arranged for the wheelchair occupant and a single carer to use the lower passenger ferry.  Please contact Kingswear Station Café to get a ticket.

The total number of wheelchairs permitted on board is at the discretion of the Master of the vessel (normally one per trip) and will vary depending upon the weather and the vessel’s location.

We operate a mix of historic and more up to date vessels, therefore access to toilets may involve negotiating steps. Please contact us in advance of your trip for further information on 01803 555872.


All our buses are fully compliant regarding access for customers who are disabled. All buses are low floor buses fitted with a ramp and a dedicated space for a single wheelchair user.  Our bus drivers are trained to offer and give assistance as required by the person needing to use the facility.  A single wheelchair or Class 2 mobility scooter may be carried with limits as follows:  Maximum width 600mm.  Maximum length 1000mm.  Maximum weight of person and wheelchair/class 2 mobility scooter 300Kg, turning radius of no more than 1200mm.

All buses are compliant to the highest level at Category 1 so, for example, all have front, side and rear destination blinds with font sizes large enough to be easily readable.  All bus stop buttons carry Braille and the gangways have been designed to give extra space.

All our drivers receive regular training with regard to looking after passengers with additional needs and this includes both visible and non-visible disabilities.  All drivers are dementia aware for example and will recognise the DA badge if worn by a passenger.

We operate a fleet of 5 double-decker buses.  Both of our two open toppers and one of the closed top buses have been converted from their old London two door specification to just a single front entrance, with the disabled ramp at the front and the wheelchair bay located at the front of the near side, meaning we can load a wheelchair at Paignton bus station. The other two double-deckers remain in London format so the wheelchair ramp is part of the centre door entrance and thus cannot be used in Paignton bus station due to the herringbone parking arrangement there. If a wheelchair user needs access at Paignton, we advise that the intending passenger should board at our stop on Torbay Road just by our Railway Station, or alternately we would stop by the Library next to the bus station.

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  • So organised - So well organised. All had seat reservations and the coaches were extremely clean. The river cruise did not disappoint and without doubt one of the best commentaries I have ever heard. Without exception everyone enjoyed the day out, and thought it was the highlight of our holiday. A credit to all.
  • Agatha Christie country - The ride on the train is beautiful right along the coast & Dart valley. You can also take your well behaved dog. I would highly recommend this excursion, we go every time that we are in Devon, it is not to be missed.
  • Charming - We did a round trip from Totnes to Dartmouth. The trip was wonderful with clean comfortable boat, nice staff and excellent commentary (and nice refreshments). On the return we were treated to an extra spin past the two castles at the mouth of the estuary. Marvelous.

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